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Tritium paint will eventually lose its ability to glow after a period of time. Its half-life is 12.5 years. As tritium ages its color changes creating a yellowish patina.

Tritium watches emit radioactivity, even though they are safer than radium. This is why the dials are marked with the radioactivity level. The dials of most Rolex Day Date Replica tritium watches have "T Swiss" or "SWISST25" beneath 6 o'clock. This indicates that the watch uses radioactive material.

Rolex Day Date Replica Explorer 2 White Dial Automatic Steel Mens Watch - 16570LUMINOVA/SUPER LUMINOVAWith the flaws of tritium, Rolex Day Date Replica searched for an alternative. In the 1990s Japanese company Nemoto and Co. developed Luminova – a photoluminescent substance that is non-radioactive and safe to wear.

Rolex Day Date Replica started using Luminova back in 1998. Luminova has the added benefit of not discoloring over time.

In 2000, Rolex Day Date Replica switched to Super Luminova. This is an improved version that's sold by a different company. Both Luminova & Super Luminova require light to charge to produce an afterglow. They both emit a glowing green colour in the dark.

Rolex Day Date Replica Chromalight gives off a blue hue | photo: Rolex Day Date ReplicaCHROMALIGHTFinally, in 2008, IWC Ingenieur Replica unveiled their exclusive photoluminescent material called Chromalight. It is the first luminous substance developed by Rolex Day Date Replica.

According to Rolex Day Date Replica Chromalight glows faster and can last for up to 8 hours. This is more than twice as long as other luminous materials. It emits a blue glow in the dark hue rather than green. This is easier to read for humans.

All Rolex Day Date Replica Professional Watches now feature the blue Chromalight display, first introduced on the Rolex Day Date Replica Sea-Dweller Deepsea.